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I'd like to be able to add my personal email account as well as my work email account

Very nice program, but memory hog

so, the program is very nice to use. but after a few days in memory, of relatively intensive use (Ctrl G used tens of times, with 10 or 20 emails written, and more read, the program was using more than 5GB of RAM!). Saddenned to have to uninstall it.

now ver. 2.3 and getting better

Recent download, still testing ! version 2.3 good , easy to,start using. Power user could give better review. As for me Juat as Good as The name sake and access is faster than draging up web mail, so far **** and rising, Wish it had better help section, as its name sake go for Gmail thinksthe user knows all there is to know about Gmail . A tip section would be nice, now have to learn in dribs and drabs, But still an Exelent program !!!!!!! By : Oscar C.


macht was sie soll

Exactly what I wanted

A great app for having a gmail-client on my mac. More than I expected. Especially the switching between mobile and desktop view comes in handy when going to splitted fullscreen view.

Just as Great!

I have been using GO for a long time and it became my favorite tool

Does what it says it does

This application does exactly what it says it does, quickly and without any issues. Basicly the app launches a mini version of Google Chrome (which is appearntly out of date already) to bring up a gmail account.

Very useful, but uses a lot of RAM

I like the instant notifications of emails and that it’s possible to access gmail without having to open a browser. I’d give it a five star if it didn’t hog so much RAM.

Memory leak or something?

This morning, my Mac was running slowly with the beach ball showing all the time. So I fired up Activity Monitor, only to find out that this app was using 6 GB of ram, out of the 8 available. So I shut it down and my Mac was immediately much more responsive. So for now, i’ll be accessing Gmail through my browser.

Working great for me

They must have fixed the memory issues as it’s working great.

Runs okay, refreshes often and is distracting

Essentially an app version of the Gmail in the browser. I like it because I have several clients and I use tags to keep track of them and this app keeps everything up to date. I do find it uses a lot of ram and runs my battery down, and refreshes constantly, even when I’m in the middle of typing an e-mail or looking through something.

Inbox Font Size

I have tried a number of times with the mobile apps to increase the font size of my inbox but there doesn’t seem to be an answer. Now, I have tried this app and it’s the same problem. I’m using Firefox but have no problems with font size when I go to the web mail but try and use the Gmail app and it’s too tiny to read. There just doesn’t seem to be an answer no matter what I try.

Very Happy

Works very well for me. No issues.

Quick and efficient...

So far, so good but I will needed more time with this version before I give another review...

Très bien.

Fonctionne très bien pour moi. Rapide, efficace et stable. Aucun problème pour la grosseur des polices. Je recommande cette application sans restriction. Works great for me. Fast, efficient and stable. No problem for the size of the fonts. I recommend this application without restriction.

Eating my Ram

Used it for a couple of month now and it eat my ram like it’s candy. 4gb of ram for the app and 1.5gb of swap. Not nice. Have to stop using it since it slows my mac way to much. Otherwise, it worked fine.

Does the job, but a massive memory hog

Its a pretty good app. Its basically a stand alone gmail webpage.. however, its hard on memory resources. About once a week I need to restart the client because its basically eating up about 6-8GB of my 10GB on the machine. I usually notice its getting bad when the machine starts getting sluggish. After restart, the memory usage is about 100-200mb and stays that way for a bit, then a few days later creeps back up. Fixing that would be a 5 star app in my eyes

Needs to fix bugs on OX EI Captain

This is my favourite Email app. Worked great in previous OS X. After I upgraded to EI Captain, problems start to pop up but main function still works. 1. UI of the app freezes whenever I open a new window. Scrolling stops working. I have to reload or refresh the page to resolve the problem. 2. Cursor does’t change to hand shape either. Even reinstalling the app won’t fix the problem. Please keep the updates and fix these bugs.

Please add ability to disable indenting on replies

I like using client, but I find indenting that happens from reply makes the mail very confusing to read/view when the thread gets longer (and some mail clients indent and others don’t ….). Please add an option to disable indenting and just allow a separator line or something between messages.

Just a web interface.

This app is just a simple web interface for the gmail website. It offers no real advantages. I was looking for an “upgraded” version of gmail with a more professional look. This is not it.. On the other hand if you are looking for a shortcut to the website accessible directly form your mac menu; this is for you...

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