Go for Gmail - Email Client Examine App

Pas de problème

Moi pour l’instant pas de problème avec cette application qui rempli bien ses fonctions. Je n’ai pas eu le problème de fenêtre qui s’ouvre mal.

Nickel sauf que la feneêtre disparait tout le temps

Excellente appli, fidèle au gmail en ligne + notification qui apparaisse, au top j’ai rencontré le mm problème que Sandirne753 mais en fait: Il suffit de cliquer droit sur l’icône de go for gmail tout en haut à droite, d’aller dans préférence, et de selectionner « keep tab visible as background app » et pourquoi pas « show icon in dock » pour la laisser sur le dock voilà, tout roule

Subitement incompatible

Subitement incompatible avec d’autres navigateurs que Chrome. Essai de retour à Google Mailtab pro ( acheté !)

Super sauf...

Excellente application qui fait plus que ce qu’on espère d’elle en plus d’être pratique et esthétique. L’étoile perdu c’est parce qu’elle prend quelques fois 40% de la mémoire résidente (une grosse partie de la RAM).

Appli sympa

symphatique et sutout fonctionne bien, très pratique pas besoin d ouvrir sont navigateur a chaque fois je m en sert tout les jours

Excellent !

A quand pour Inbox by Gmail ? et pour @icloud.com ? :)

Bien fait et rapide

Rien à redire, les réglages de base sont là. c’est rapide, ça prend les signatures. En un mot, Excellent

Bonne présentation

Une belle présentation, agréable, avec choix du thème. Mais est-elle vraiment utile ? L’application Mail s’occupe très bien du courrier.

Fuite mémoire: direction poubelle !

Au bout de deux trois jours de fonctionnement intermittent de mon Macbook pro, je me retrouve avec 17Go de mémoire cache, dont 16Go utilisés par cette application. Direction poubelle immédiatement… A éviter d’urgence !

Parfait !

Bonna application evite toujour d’aller sur google taper gmail ensuite acceder… on vois les nouveau mail. Parfait


Bonne application permettant de consulter ses mails sans intervention d’un browser.

Gros bug!

L’application permet d’avoir gmail qui fonctionne en permanence en arrière plan sans pour autant utiliser trop de batterie. Cependant elle est hyper buguée: dès que j’essayes d’effacer un message ça plante, en fait dès que je fais la moindre action rien ne se passe et je suis obligée de relancer l’application qui freeze totalement. La seule fonction qui marche pas trop mal c’est la simple consultation de mail, pour le reste passez votre chemin...


L’appli plante aussi dès qu’on télécharge un fichier reçu, écran noir, énorme BUG !!

Très satisfaisant

j’aime bcp google, merci de continuer à améliorer lappli

super !

Application qui me permet de regarder très rapidment mes mails, c’est génial ;)

Pratique et foncionnel.

Seul bémol: la fenêtre « go for gmail » disparaît dès que l’on clique ailleurs. Sinon, excellente appli.

Its Great

it a great email client,Love it...

It’s getting worse

I’ve had this app for many years, and recently it’s just getting worse. Yes, I can access gmail without a browser. However, I get notifications of a new email and when I open the app, I need to refresh the page to see a new email. Now, I can select multiple emails, but I can only archive them or Spam folder them.. What happened to trash? I can do every email individually, but really? I should be able to do several at once. Yep, I’ve used it for years.. Liked it ok, but it’s just getting more frustrating. So, I’m writing a review in hopes something can get fixed on it.

Just so good

This app can help us manage a lot of gmail email addresses.

Love it!!

I don’t have too much to say aside from the fact that its clean, organized, and feels like I'm using Gmail on a browser

I thought it was great

I thought this app was great until it started making my Macbook Pro glitch. I knew it had to be this app because my laptop was working great until I downloaded it. It wouldn’t allow me to open applications, windows or even force quit. It even made my laptop make a loud beeping sound that I couldn’t controll with my sound buttons. I thought it was great until it started making my computer go nuts.

Used this App for years

I have owned this application for years. It is handy when it works. Unfortunately, it has consistent issues with memory leaks, which impact the entire laptop, so it has to be shut down daily. It has gotten so bad lately, that I just go to Google’s gmail directly.

Good program

It’s nice to have a stand-along email client for Gmail!

Love this simple to use App..but one issue

Is it me, or is there a setting so that when the App is open the left side colum showing the folders can remain expanded, the drop down method is annoying. I’d prefer to see all folders. Other than that this little App is great!!

go gmail

I started to use this app because my apple mail has a glitch. Unfortunately, this won’t let me save attachments to my photos on my iMac. or if it does, it is not user friendly. I had to figure out a work around. Disappointed.


I just want to get my email. I’ve been getting more and more frustrated w gmail et al. Sick of browser apps. Just started using Go for Gmail and so far I really like it.

Great for a Non GSuite Lover

Working in a new company that uses G Suite, I have found it to be far less than an Enterprise grade application but Go for Gmail helps mask some of its shortcomings and makes it a bit easier for this gal who prefers Microsoft’s Office suite of products.

Good to Go

I have gotten tired of Mail application on my Computers and the way it handles my emails. SO i searched for another program that i could use that would not have as much issues and more importantly that i didn’t have to fork out a lot of cash for.. Surprisingly this free app worked flawlessly. I have 5 Gmial accounts and it allows me to access them all. it’s like having your browser running all the time but witht he notifications, number count and not always having a safari window open. I love it..

no longer supported

Was good, but now annoying notification and won’t work saying “your version of safari is unsupported.. need to upgrade.. but no directions how… “ wow

This browser is not supported error bar on top

Lately there is error on the top screen showing “"this version of safari is no longer supported.Please upgrade to supported browser. Dismiss”” Please rectify with update.I am on Mac OS 10.13.5 latest by Apple

Stopped working on my Mac

I have a MacBook Pro Retina and an iPhone and I have been using go-for-gmail for about 4 years without a problem. A few weeks ago the Mac version STOPPED sending any email period. I can draft the email but the SEND button only saves the draft (actually Google/Gmail saves the draft. I then have to go to my iPhone to actually send the email through the system. The ONLY way it will send an email is if I make sure it is plain text. Why is that a thing?

Memory Leak?

This mail app is functional and nicely organized, somewhat like MS Exchange. However, this version of app seems having a massive memory leak. Currently it is taking up more than 11GB of my MBP. I am going to uninstall the app and not going to use it unitl either someone fix the memory leak, or using up less memory

Group email feature

App doesn’t feature a group email from my contact group. Very annoying and cumbersome to send a team email

Causes Mac to crash

I used this app for a year or so, and recently noticed my MAC started to flicker and crash. It took me a while to figure out what I was doing each time this happened and I finally realized it was when I was using Go for Gmail. I switched back to using Safari for using Gmail for about a month with no problems. Because it was convenient to have the app, I looked in App Store to see if there was a fix - and it says it was fixed - so I reinstalled the app yesterday, and within a day my computer crashed again….I’m deleting the app until this is fixed.


I don’t know why this gets good reviews. The app is nothing more than Gmail in a browser. And it doesn’t behave like an actual Mac app: you can’t pin it to the doc or organize it on any desktop. You’re forced to reopen it constantly. It’s pretty useless.

Needs an update for High Sierra

UPDATED: The link opening issue is with Chrome, not GFG. The memory leak issue should have been fixed long ago and still needs to be addressed. There is also a ‘flicker’ that happens if you use 2 monitors and try to open the app (from the menu bar) in your inactive monitor. Weird. Time for an update soon or time to find another app.

Nice and usefull but has some problems

Overall it is a nice app if you use a lot fo Gmail on a regular basis. But currently, it has one big downside. From time to time it starts to consume RAM as crazy, like 45 Gb of it. And it takes forever to force stop it.

Very buggy

Junk, after deleting emails, they end up coming back into inbox. Also, you need to command tab into the program otherwise you’ll end up double clicking every link or button in the app

A little better than using the web browser

I prefer this stand alone app for Gmail because it can be setup on the Mac to be the primary email client. That means that when I click something that says “email” it will open Go for Gmail instead of the Mac email program. I like it much more than the Mac email program because it subdivides all of your emails just like the actual gmail accounts are supposed to be. It is a replica of the browser version of Gmail but better because I can have it as a separate window and not get it mixed up or accidently closed thinking its another tab. Also, it can be set as the primary email client for my Mac. Absolutely happy this exists!

Gmail gets lost in browser tabs, but this is great

I was looking for something like this for a while. Works great as it’s standalone application and I don’t have to go searching through all open tabs or browser instances to find my gmail tab. I would have given it 5 stars, but I did notice that sometimes it becomes non responsive for a few seconds. Not sure if its the app or gmail itself.

works beautifilly

still a novice around Apple products, this app really helped me.

Great App

I was worried when I went from a PC to Mac or maybe Chrome to Mac. This app works great and seamless.

dont download it

When i downloaded this app it worked great. after a month I went to click on it but i wouldnt open. now I cant close it and it not appearing in the force quit section. now i cant update my computer because this cant quit


Just started using this app and so far it’s pretty good.

A mostly fiunctional app killed by fatal memory leak

This app is okay. A bit convoluted of an interface, and really just a rehash of the official gmail web and mobile apps. But the issue with the app is that, after a very short period of time, you will see the app taking more and more reqources. There is a very serious memory leak. Looking at the app in Activity Monitor, you will see its memory foot grow to over 20GB, and CPU usage explode to well over 150%!

FYI: menubar item to open browser window to GMail inbox. That’s it.

App opens a browser view of your Gmail inbox, little more. Not much to recommend here.

Go For Gmail Review

I love go for gmail. its just the same as the normal gmail page.

Using 18GB of ram after several days open!

So the app works well however after leaving it open for several days (and noticing some slowness on my macbook air) I opened activity monitor and noticed it was consuming 18GB of memory. This is going to cause many problems on many machines and people may not realize that their machine may encounter performance issues simply because of this app running in the back ground. This will be an even bigger issue for people with not enough HD space as the computer will use the HD space after running out of computer memory. I would not recommend people use this app for the simple reason that it could cause slow performance issues on your Mac.


How do you reply to mail with this app? I can’t find anything to click on to reply to an email..

Great for desktop notifications, almost flawless as stand alone app

I downloaded this app simply to get desktop notifications for Gmail. Gmail has a setting for that, but the notification does not make sound and disappears after a few seconds. I was surprised by the app interface and liked it a lot, but it had one small problem. Whenever you hit the “g” key it triggers the mac error tone. This can get very annoying when you use the Gmail keyboard shortcuts as “g” is the key you use before navigating anywhere. I still use the app to send me notifications, but I continue to access Gmail through Safari. Love the app, and whenever the creators get around to fixing this bug, it will be pretty much flawless.

Doesnt work

This applciaiton seems great But after a few days, when you open it, it just stalls, spins and never opens. Pretty disappointing

Bizarre app doesn’t show in dock or Command Tab switching

Keyboard shortcut power users will not like that this app doesn’t appear as a choice when Command-Tab switching. Worse, it doesn’t appear in the dock. I can’t get this off my computer quick enough.

Great for Productivity

This is a great app. I love that in seconds I can pull up my email on my mac. I’m a busy student so productivity for me is important. Great job guys!

Clean program for avoiding browser but terrible notification settings

As stated, it’s a good program for avoiding your browser (or phone) if you want to check your GMail account. But, as GMail has now organized itself beautifully in three different tabs (or more if you choose) as 'Primary,' 'Social,' and 'Promotions,' this app NEEDS to have different notification settings for these different groups like is true for on browser GMail as well as the iOS app. I.e, on both browser and iOS, I have notifications set up for only incoming 'Primary' messages and none others. I’d like to be the case on this app as well.. might have to stop using it until that is available.

Pretty good!

Very fast and will not lost my email, i like it.


love it so much

overstates the possible - understates the likely

In App advertisement suggests one to buy additional products by this app maker, and there’s no way to shut them down… Unless I disable System functions, even so, I get notifications from this App when nothing shows from the Mac OS X. {Also, this App says you don’t need a browser - but that’s not so. ~ And other recent ‘Less than stellar marks' apply as well.} The default browser in the Mac will open, or you can’t use it. Their App window does not allow an actual gmail experience… ...without your default browser. ~ So I’ve just dedicated another web browser for my Gmail. A fully customizable option, too. :)

Closes when using other apps

Using multiple screens and I can’t leave it open on one screen and open something on the other without it minimizing.

Nothing there after install

Ive downloaded this app on my Mac OS Sierra, both times there is nothing in the window. How do I load my mailbox?

New to ‘Go’, new to Mac!

Though new to This Gmail app, I like to duel loads for several different gmail accounts. Hope all goes well.


I started using this when my paid Gmail Client, Mail Tab Pro for Gmail, started to freeze unexpectedly and FipLab and no intention of fixing it because of their upcoming release (more expensive) paid application, Made for Gmail. Go for Gmail appeared to be sluggish and slow at at detecting eMails. But, at least it didn’t crash like Mail Tab Pro. In essence FipLab offered No Support!!!! I have since switched to MIA for Gmail, which does everything I want.

nearly reviewed the wrong app

This is good app if you have seperate gmail accounts that you don’t want conflicing with your native email app. Basicly just a web browser view, but very useful as a quick click in the menu bar.

Basically a website

I don’t see any significant difference between the app and gmail via a browser. I have multiple email accounts I need to check but as far as I can tell, the app doesn’t allow for multiple accounts to be entered. This makes the app completely redundant when I can just go online and check my accounts that way.

Frustrated as can be

I have been using this client for two addresses. I get a lot of mail, so sorting and organizing is a big deal. I page is beautiful, but I cannot for anything get it to group. I can’t do it alpebetically, or by person or subject. if i type a topic in, say “sears” it will pull them all up, than im stuck like that. Cant move them at all!!! so im stuck going through each email to sort it. Grrrrrrrrrr! Im done. Looking for another option.

Almost Fantastic

Would be 5/5 stars if it ran faster and didn’t freeze so often.

Love the ease of the app but doesn’t drag and drop attachments to folders

I really like using this app, but found a huge bug that is making me have to go back to using the browser. I receive a lot of email attachments due to my business and when I try to drag & drop them into a file folder on my Mac running Sierra, it ends up in the folder as a Preview file with the extension of .webloc so its no longer the orginal PDF received. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but it definitely one needing to be fixed. I’ve tried support, but no responses yet. Very bummed to have to go back to using a browser.

Go for Mail = very Good

I tried this because Gmail does a far better job of catching and dealing with Spam than Apple Mail. I forward all of my Apple Mail thru Gmail. But Gmail has too many mailboxes for nonsense All Mail, InBox, Important, etc, and doesn’t play nice with Apple Mail. I have to go to the gmail website to clean it out at least once a week. eleting via Apple Mail on the Mac doesn’t work. NO more!!!! This app makes that easy to do right on my Desktop. It brings the website to me.

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